Head of “ANTS” Hanna Hopko Handed Over 70 Laptops from Taiwan to Kherson

The Head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” Hanna Hopko together with her team visited Kherson and handed over 70 laptops from Taiwan to the local community.

During the occupation, most of the equipment was stolen from the city and territorial communities of the region. And now these laptops will allow us to establish management processes, keep records of humanitarian aid and interact with donors so that Kherson Oblast can recover faster!

“Today we came to hand over these laptops, there are 70 items from Taiwan. In fact, we are very grateful to the government of Taiwan, the President and everyone who supports Ukraine. We know that such cooperation will lead to great cooperation in the defense of democracy and on the way to Ukraine’s historic victory,” Hanna Hopko said.

In addition, the “ANTS” team visited the regional hospital, where powerful charging stations were previously purchased.

“This support is an important step in strengthening cooperation between the two countries. We are grateful to the government of Taiwan for their support and we hope for further cooperation in the defense of democracy and for the sake of Ukraine’s victory!”– says the representative of ANTS.

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