Hanna Hopko claims that russian society should be punished

Russian society must be punished for its support of the government’s actions. One option is to compensate Ukrainians, as Nazi Germany did after losing the Second World War.

Hanna Hopko, the head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”, stated this on the Crimean Tatar television channel ATR.

“It is essential for us that russian society suffers punishment in the form of reparations to Ukrainians, because this is one of the few ways of cleansing, as was the case with Nazi Germany, which lost the Second World War,” Hanna Hopko said.

In general, evidence for crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by the Russian army against Ukrainians and Ukraine is currently being gathered. Several world parliaments have already declared the Russian Federation’s aggression to be genocide.

“Environmental crimes are also recorded, – says the head of “ANTS.” – We conducted a press tour with foreign journalists to demonstrate ecocide, because the environmental damage is massive. Recovery will take years and years. When we consider the amount of compensation that we must receive as a result of dozens of destroyed nature reserves, pollution of nature and drinking water, the figure is already around 40 billion dollars”.

Propagandists should also be punished.

“Because they are a part of the kremlin apparatus. And they purposefully spread their hatred. As a result, personal sanctions should be imposed. Furthermore, propagandists must be held accountable and understand their role in criminal activity. It should be stated unequivocally: “for inciting enmity, for inciting murder”. We must make it clear that they will not avoid responsibility. It must be stated unequivocally and unequivocally. russian society must pay billions of dollars.”

Today, Ukraine must explain to the West that their policy of containing russia has failed.

“She was the catalyst for a full-scale invasion and genocide in the twenty-first century. That is, the West is co-responsible, if not complicit, in the fact that they told us for 8 years that the only way to resolve the conflict was through peaceful political and diplomatic means. We must explain that Bucha, Mariupol, and Izyum are also on their minds. Because if the US Sixth Fleet had been in the Black Sea in 2014, military operations in Donbas would not have occurred “She was emphatic. – It was now critical for us to demonstrate the geopolitical significance of Ukraine’s victory on a global scale. Because it’s not about the European continent at all. I recently returned from Taiwan, where everyone stressed the importance of hastening Ukraine’s victory. After all, the longer the war continues, the more authoritarian regimes look for ways to support one another. Now, not only the russian federation but also Iran, North Korea, China, and Belarus are involved in the conflict with Ukraine. As a result, the earlier we win the war, the clearer the signal, for example, to China”.

But does the West have an effective strategy for the russian federation to avoid repeating the mistakes made after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

“The West “grabs” everyone, the “oppositionists,” believing that after the regime change, it will be “their” people leading the Russian Federation.” They consider who could be the successor, which is why we frequently hear the voices of Khodorkovsky, Navalny, Kasparov, and Karimurza’s wife from abroad. I would like to hear about the future of the russian federation from representatives of the russian federation’s indigenous peoples, not just russian oligarchs who were pressured by putin, or russian oppositionists or their wives. Why should representatives from Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Kalmykia, Yakutia, and Buryatia be excluded from discussions about the fate of the russian federation? If we’re talking about Russia’s future, perhaps the Russian Federation should follow Ukraine’s example of decentralization? Indigenous peoples and national minorities have long been “robbed” of their civil and national rights, as well as issues of identity, language, and culture. These people should take part in discussions about russia’s future.”

During the conversation, Hanna Hopko emphasized the importance of Ukraine developing powerful production complexes after victory.

“We must recognize that having resources such as lithium, titanium, and materials requires us to develop strategic industries in order to have our own productions on which the rest of the world relies. As a result, there is no need to continue the raw material policy; instead, we must consider the most powerful productions.”

It is worth noting that the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” has determined that national interests, their protection, advocacy, and promotion are top priorities since 2019. Following the full-scale invasion and genocide against the Ukrainian people, “ANTS” devoted all of its resources to international advocacy. There was also a lot of work done in the middle of the country, such as volunteering, assisting the Armed Forces, assisting IDPs, and so on.


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