Presentation of the Documentary “Strong as the Earth”

We are pleased to invite you to the premiere of the documentary project “Strong as the Earth” – a project about people who, despite the consequences of the war, continue to create life in Ukraine, hold the rear while the military holds the front, feeling a personal responsibility for the country. We speak of war not because of pain and suffering, but to demonstrate the rebirth of human strength, dignity and reconstruction in the face of continued war. The producer Anna Slyusarenko says that this project was born out of a feeling of unconditional love; to Ukraine, to the people who live in it, to those who hold the military front and bring Ukrainian victory closer. Those who do everything to make Ukraine a free European state. The heroes of the project were ordinary, but unusual, people from different parts of the country, each of whom feels the power of being Ukrainian. It is about an entrepreneur whose farm was hit by about 60 rockets, but who found the strength to rebuild the enterprise and sow the fields. It is about a grandmother who lost her leg while milking cows, but learned to dance even with a prosthesis. It is about an orchestra that, despite rocket attacks, does not cancel its concerts, but plays them in shelters. It’s about a young girl who created a youth hub three months before the invasion began, and it was destroyed, but she rebuilt it again – already in the basement. It is about young people who restore houses to people who have lost them. It is about volunteers who support wounded soldiers and their resilience. It is about a warehouse that became a gallery and a place of rest during air raids. It is about doctors who were forced to flee their native hospital due to constant shelling, but continued to operate in a new city. A tape about the fact that we are strong, because we are on our Ukrainian land. And this is exactly what drives us on the way to victory! The diary of a woman from the village of Peremoga, Kyiv region, who survived the occupation, became a through-and-through artistic image. The text of the diary is read by Ukrainian singer and bandurist Maryna Krut. At the premiere, you can meet the heroes of the project. “We are Ukrainians; we will endure everything. We are as strong as the Earth.” The screening will be held at the address: Kyiv, House of Cinema, str. Saksagansky 6.

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