HALLI. Leadership in Innovation

We looked for local leaders with innovative solutions, IT/digital proposals and creative ideas, joined them in a network of active “changemakers” and helped implement their useful projects. Three Ideathons were held in Lviv, Mykolaiv and Poltava, where participants presented their ideas. The final hackathon was held and the winners were determined, three of whom received $5,000 for the implementation of their ideas, the rest of the finalists received $100 as an incentive.

Ideathons were held in Lviv, Mykolaiv and Poltava

Winners of Ideathon in Lviv:

The “SencyCry” team (Lviv) with the “Sency Cry” system, a smart device for determining aggression by voice and emotions, which will be aimed at combating violence in public places, particularly schools.

Team “Blyskavka” (Starokostyantiniv) with the idea of ​​”Blyskavka” courier delivery, which is a social business that will direct at least 10% of the profit to the development of youth and support of the local branch “Plast”, as well as – improve residents’ access to local business services, especially during quarantine restrictions.

— The “DigitalTer” team (Terebovlia) with the project of the digital learning and co-working center “DIGITALTER”. This space will be created for teaching digital skills, co-working for the realization of digital products. And it will also be a place where everyone can get advice on their digital needs. The project will have the opportunity to be integrated into any community.

The Opora team (Rivne) with a project to expand the RIVNE RADA BOT information resource. This chatbot in “Telegram”, with the help of which every citizen can keep in focus all the actions of the city government and independently influence qualitative changes in the community.

The “STEAM-innovation” team (Lipliavsk TG) with a project to develop awareness of children and young people in the field of robotics, as well as with the idea of ​​integrating this direction into the curriculum.

The winners of Ideathon in Mykolaiv:

— Team “KUBEY” (Kubey TG) with the project, the goal of which is to create an educational platform of a tourist and cultural cluster, combining elements of ecology, culture, and IT technology. Open the traditional local culture of Bessarabia to the world and popularize the region through the educational platform of the tourist and cultural cluster.

Team “STEAM-51” (Kryvyi Rih) with the idea of ​​”STEAM-LAB” for teaching children technical modeling, construction and programming.

— The “Development Agents” team (Shyrokivska TG) with the project of creating an automatic system of recording and individual requests for humanitarian aid for IDPs.

The team of the Yuzhne business school (Yuzhne) with the project of the regional school of entrepreneurs in Yuzhne “from an idea to a finished business” with further metrological and informational support. The project is aimed at residents of the Yuzhne community who plan to create their own business and are looking for partners, investors and informational support.

The “#Eco_post” team (Lymanska TG) with the “#Eco_post” project, which positions itself as the next step towards a future without landfills, in cooperation with active youth through social entrepreneurship and partnership for sustainable development. The goal of the project is to promote composting, develop entrepreneurial skills among young people, and motivate them to sort organics from solid household waste.

Winners of Ideathon in Poltava:

The “ZW_Academy” team (Novoselyvka village) with the project of organizing a 4-month specialized educational and practical online course on sustainable development, project management, communication and participation. The listeners are officials and employees of local government, representatives of communal institutions, educational institutions, condominiums, public organizations, environmentalists, ecoactivists.

“MedOK” team (Pokrovske village) with the project: “Organization of a regional cluster of beekeepers to increase the profitability of individual apiaries by training beekeepers to manage their own beekeeping business.”

The “ZUM” team (Yasnohirka) and the Internet service project to promote the services and creativity of artists of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the goal of which is to develop the creative industry of the region as a financially successful sphere. The goals are to stop the outflow of talented youth from the region in search of conditions for creative self-realization and economic success, to switch thinking from industrial-oriented to entrepreneurial, to fill the budget with expenses.

“EkoVtorSort” team (Cherkasy) with an ecological startup for the city of Cherkasy (site, application, chatbot), which will help people and organizations to sort garbage and submit it for recycling.

Team “CupToU” (Odessa) with the project of the first eco-service in Odesa, which will help reduce the amount of single-use garbage from the take-away drinks service. The service will allow you to rent a reusable TO-GO cup right away in a coffee shop, enjoy your coffee with you in an ecological way, and then return it within 7 days to any institution of the system, without being tied to the place of rental and getting the deposit back.

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