Businesses affected by the war need government assistance

The government should focus on assisting existing businesses that have ceased operations as a result of the war and require financial assistance.

During the telethon “Yedyni novyny”, Ilya Neskhodovskyi, the head of the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” analytical department, emphasized this.

“Many Ukrainian entrepreneurs have suffered losses as a result of the war and are now unable to start up.” This is due to the destruction of premises and equipment, among other things. They require financial and other assistance from the government. We need to concentrate on this exact moment, he says. – Of course, it is worth noting that loans with extremely low interest rates are available through the state program “Affordable Credit 5-7-9.”

The expert is convinced: it is far easier to restart an existing business that was previously successful but is now temporarily halted than to start a new one.

Ilya Neskhodovsky emphasizes the state grant program for the creation or development of one’s own business: “a new business has more risks that must be considered before starting it.”

“It is critical to consider the feasibility of creating a new case here.” There are more risks in starting a new business. It is necessary to understand how much, for example, the niche in which he will work is valued. Will the product be in high demand?” The expert comments on the extent to which the founder is willing to hire employees, purchase new equipment, and so on.

As a result, the state should provide not only monetary but also consulting assistance when implementing this program.

“These consultations are needed to determine whether a person understands how much tax to pay and how to hire employees. That is why the government should not only give money to these people, but also provide them with the necessary information and advice, such as what banking products are and what they can be used for. The same is true for financial and tax issues, as well as literacy.”

Despite all of the risks, the expert rates the program highly, noting that all of the risks must be considered.

“In general, the presence of this program helps people not lose faith in the future, but instead encourages them to start a new business and act. As a result, there is a positive here,” – Ilya Neskhodovskyi concluded.

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