Blowing up the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plantis a War Crime Against the Whole World

Blowing up the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant by russia is a war crime and ecocide not only against Ukraine but also against the whole world. The United Nations, according to its principles, should immediately condemn him. However, when the russian occupiers destroyed the hydroelectric power station yesterday, there was no immediate reaction.

“Unfortunately, we see that the reaction of the United Nations is not as fast as we would like. Here, of course, is the problem of the institution itself. We have seen many times how ineffective this site has become,” said Kateryna Musiyenko, ANTS network expert on international relations, on Channel 5.

According to her, it is a positive fact that many leaders of the European Union and the West have already expressed very specific warnings and condemnations of russia’s actions.

“We have statements from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Council Charles Michel and many other public figures who have made it very clear that this is an international war crime,” she said. “This is a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions, and russia will be punished for it.”

The expert says that such a clear position is important, in particular for those countries that are at a certain distance from russia, such as, for example, African countries and Brazil, for which the situation is not “so unambiguous.”

“That is why every vote is important. And I hope that it is this voice that will influence the change in the position of institutions such as the United Nations, and we will have their strong position and condemnation of this crime.”

Musiyenko emphasizes that the discussion should be frank during the United Nations Security Council.

“It is very important to show all the facts. There are many countries in the United Nations, and, unfortunately, not all countries deeply understand the situation in Ukraine. There are many countries that are under russian influence, under the influence of propaganda and disinformation. Therefore, Ukraine should clearly “put everything on the shelves” and qualify this crime according to international documents. The consequences of such a decision should be indicated, and most importantly, the message conveyed: “What consequences does this have for the whole world, for the whole community?” russia did not just commit a crime in Ukraine and it does not concern only our country. This is a man-made catastrophe on a global scale. Precisely because it affects the security architecture. This is a violation of basic documents, basic conventions and agreements of the world order. And what can russia do next? This question should sound the same. How dangerous is russia if it knows no borders at all? It should be very clearly stated that this is not a problem of Ukraine only. This is a certain test for the whole community. Will the sanctions be strengthened now? Will sanctions be finally introduced against Rosatom and the entire nuclear infrastructure of russia? Will sanctions be imposed on those Western manufacturers that still supply spare parts for the drones that hit Kyiv every night? At this meeting, we will have a very frank discussion about the fact that we are currently experiencing a change in the world system and we need to react before it is too late, while this institutional architecture, the United Nations, and other such world platforms can still do something.”

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