Because of Russia, the world will be short 50 million tons of grain by 2023

Because of Russia, the world will be short 50 million tons of grain by 2023.

Hanna Hopko, head of the Network for the Protection of National Interests, ANTS, emphasized this during a broadcast on Suspilne.

“This year’s sowed areas are down by 30%. We were quite happy to obtain a record harvest of 84 million tons of cereals and legumes in 2021. But consider this: the world will not receive 50 million tons this year. It’s wonderful that we drew the correct conclusions from missile strikes on elevators and state reserve stores containing our agricultural supplies. Russia attempted to utterly destroy our electricity infrastructure throughout the winter in order to “freeze” Ukrainians. In addition, the adversary intended to destroy elevators and state reserves to combine cold and famine. The russian federation intended to cause a food crisis in Ukraine and to impair Ukraine’s ability to compete in foreign markets,” – Hanna Hopko explains.

The “ANTS” head stated that the Ukrainian farmer is currently in a difficult situation, which is especially difficult for small and medium-sized agricultural producers.

“They were actually working at a loss due to the low price and logistical issues. And now, many individuals are hesitant to sow. As a result, while there are international financial organizations that provide assistance to them, it is insufficient. After all, there are still difficulties such as demining fields, demilitarization of the Black Sea, and port security. It is also obvious to us that farmers should have access to financial resources such as low-interest loans, seed material, and so on. Ukraine is one of the top five global exporters, and it is now not just a food guarantee, but also a security guarantee, because it restrains russia as an aggressor state.”

It is important for the world and Ukraine that our country wins in 2023.

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces should get not only tanks, but also fighter jets and long-range weapons for a counteroffensive. The Ukrainian victory should take place this year, not in 2024. The worldwide food crisis has not abated since last year; on the contrary, the issue of hunger in the global south’s African and Asian countries is only worsening. As a result, our main appeal is that Ukraine obtain all of the required military equipment, like as tanks, fighter jets, and long-range missiles, in order to win the war this year.”

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