Appeal to Wastern decision-makers to prevent a massive humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine

To the governments of G7 countries 

and the EU member states


The International Center for Ukrainian Victory (ICUV) and member CSOs call on Western decision-makers to prevent a massive humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine from happening.

 On November 23, Ukraine suffered another massive ariel attack by the Russian Army with 70 missiles and 5 military drones launched. The attack was specifically targeted at  Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and civilians’ homes, with dozens of such facilities destroyed in less than three hours, while air raid sirens were up all across Ukraine. At least 10 civilians were killed. 

 As a result of such an attack, millions of people were left without electricity, heating and water in their homes in Ukraine, all the nuclear power plants were disconnected from the grid. Kyiv City Council reported that more than 80% of Ukraine’s capital residents remain without electricity and water as a result of barbarous actions.

 Ironically, all this happened the same day the European Parliament declared Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism”, sending a clear example to all other parliaments across the world.

 The Ukrainian government, as well as the civil society activists like we are at the ICUV, warned the world’s society on the possibility of such events since the early summer of this year, calling such a scenario a “Kholodomor” – a term that consists of two Ukrainian words: 1. “kholod” (cold) and 2. Holodomor, which is the events synthetically organized by Stalin on Ukrainian territories in 1932-33, when nearly 7  million Ukrainians died from hunger. 

Back then, in the 1930s, the West had done little to save Ukrainian civilians, despite knowing all the horrors of Holodomor thanks to the brave British journalist Gareth Jones.

Today, when the democratic world recognizes human life as the highest value, Western political leaders cannot allow a humanitarian catastrophe in the heart of Europe to happen. 

In nine months of the full-scale war, Ukraine has not yet received modern weapons sufficient to repel the Russian attack. This regards modern fighting jets like F-16 to close its sky from the enemy’s attacks. Considering the size of Ukraine’s territory, the number of air defense systems in Ukraine remains critically low so further prompt supplies of systems like C-RAMs and Gepard are essential. In addition, Ukraine urgently needs modern APCs and IFVs, as well as modern main battle tanks like Leopard 2 to liberate the territories where additional power-generating facilities are located.  

Ukraine’s critical energy assets need a serious and fast recovery promptly. This means the need for an urgent supply of autotransformers of 750kV and 330kV and other energy equipment. 

Last but not least, we call on all democratic states to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, as their ongoing terror campaign against peaceful Ukrainians should be named appropriately.

Ukraine’s humanitarian disaster today will turn into a horror for the whole of Europe tomorrow. Do not let a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine happen. This is our joint chance to prove that human life is truly the highest value for a democratic world.


International Center for Ukrainian Victory

Anti-corruption Action Center 

Civil Network OPORA

National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”


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