A strong economy is impossible without political stability and transparency — Ambassador of Japan to Ukraine

Matsuda Kuninori expressed this during the “Strong as the Land: approaching the victory” forum in Kyiv.  , The main goal of the event was to facilitate dialogue between leaders of Ukrainian communities, partner countries, and international donors regarding the rebuilding of our economy from the effects of the war, according to Armyinform.

The diplomat discussed Japan’s experience with postwar economic changes and why it is important for Ukraine.

“3.1 million soldiers and civilians were killed by 1945. In 1946, industrial production was just 30% of what it had been before the war. 7 million people returned to Japan without any property from Tokyo’s former colonies “Matsuda Kuninori made a statement.

In 1968, the Japanese economy was ranked second in the world after the United States, according to the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan to Ukraine.

What was done in Japan after WWII to achieve an economic miracle?

The zaibatsu (10 monopoly industrial groups) were dissolved. Instead, advocacy for the growth of small and medium-sized firms began. This also applies to well-known corporations, such as Honda.

A major agrarian reform was implemented. The last point was that huge landowners’ lands went into the hands of farmers.

After 1945, the Japanese government encouraged the development of minor financial schemes in order to create jobs. Because demobilized troops and Japanese immigrants from Korea, Taiwan, or China lacked the necessary skills to work, for example, in business.

Creating chances for private entrepreneurs is thus a future investment.

“Japan has no natural resources other than human resources,” Matsuda Kuninori stated emphatically.

According to the Japanese diplomat, Ukraine’s future economic prosperity will be based on “a strong agricultural sector, the IT industry, and the food industry.”

Matsuda Kuninori emphasized: “Japan would not have been able to develop a robust economy without three things:

  • political stability
  • transparency
  • strong national security that is based on networks with allies”.

It should be noted that Japan will preside over the Group of Seven(G7) in 2023. It is essential for Ukraine to collaborate with Japan in the areas of security and defense, putting additional economic pressure on the kremlin.

Matsuda Kuninori discussed the growth in defense budget and the impact of the russian-Ukrainian war on East Asia in response to ArmiyaInform correspondent Yehor Braylyan’s question concerning Japan’s national security priorities for 2023.

“Defense spending will be doubled over the next five years. What is happening in Ukraine can happen in East Asia, according to Prime Minister (Fumio Kishida. – Ed.).

You only have one enemy (Russia. – Ed.). “We have many enemies in the region,” said Japan’s Ambassador to Ukraine.

For future reference. Japan’s record defense budget for 2023 (6.8 trillion yen, or $51.4 billion) was authorized in December 2022.
The Ambassador believes that coordination of activities with allies such as the United States and Australia is critical to Japan’s successful foreign policy. It is also critical to boost the military capabilities of nearby partners and allies.

Tokyo’s major military and political ally is Washington. The United Kingdom and Japan have just formed a defense alliance. Japan has been invited to attend the NATO summit in Madrid in June 2022. Cooperation is also growing within the framework of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (India, the United States, Australia, and Japan).

In retrospect, Ukrainian-Japanese collaboration developed within the context of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), which has had a presence in Ukraine since 2017. This relates to the supply of modern medical facilities both before and after the russian federation’s full-scale invasion.

After February 24, 2022, Tokyo imposes sanctions on Russia and gives humanitarian and financial assistance to Ukraine. The Japanese government has committed more than $10 million to UNOPS in Ukraine to meet the basic requirements of the Kharkiv region’s residents this winter.

The forum “Strong as the Land: approaching the victory” was organized by the National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS” within the framework of the project “Restoring Ukraine Together“, funded by the European Union.

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