250 days of big lies

The terrorist state’s president decided to hold a press conference on the 250th day of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. His face, which is becoming more like rubber with the passage of time, could shine with joy. Despite the polished demeanor, there was insecurity beneath the layers of botex. It’s not surprising, given that he has nothing to flaunt. The second army of the third world failed to achieve significant results in two and a half hundred days. Furthermore, in the morning, Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles shot down roughly 90% of the lethal russian canisters. This is not how Putin imagined the biggest adventure of his life, which began on February 24.

Fortunately for the dictator, the magnificent russian propaganda is always at his disposal, capable of twisting anything and turning defeats into victories. Russians lie much better than they fight. They misled both on the eve of a full-scale invasion by denying any military action, and later by lying about and constantly changing the war’s goals. Cheating is a habit that pervades russia.From the head of state to a chauvinistic russian housewife, from the patriarch of the russian Orthodox Church Kirill to a captured russian serviceman who “just headed for military training” with a full set of ammunition after receiving a blessing.

During the so-called “Valdai international discussion club” a few days ago, the leader of the lying country confirmed this thesis, stating that… only russia can be “the only real guarantor of Ukraine’s security.” And this after thousands of Ukrainians were killed and tortured, buildings were destroyed, and towns and villages were mutilated. Whatever the case may be, the russian authorities are masters at distorting the facts.However, it is the insidious West, with Ukraine controlled from the outside, that is starving African countries, not russia, which created the global food crisis by turning food into a weapon. Or, they argue, it is not the russian army that destroys theaters, museums, educational institutions, and kills civilians with rockets, but rather the Ukrainians themselves, because they refuse to engage in negotiations (capitulate). After the Istanbul meeting, Ukraine reportedly withdrew from the negotiations “under the pressure of Western curators”. And nothing, because the next day the world learned about the russian atrocities in the Kyiv region and realized that engaging in dialogue with a bloodthirsty maniac makes no sense.

Even now, russia is lying, claiming a “dirty bomb” and attempting to shift responsibility onto Ukraine, accusing it of “terrorism.” russia’s outright lies and actions brought it to a halt and produced the opposite results. Instead of “denazification,” Ukraine has become more united than ever before, with an increase in the proportion of Ukrainian-speaking citizens. The attempt at “demilitarization” also failed, and the number of Ukrainian Defense Forces and weapons has increased several times, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine is now one of the world’s most capable armies. The number of weapons and military equipment has increased significantly as a result of Western support and, of course, the russian’s daily “acts of goodwill.” russia intended to cause panic by cutting off power and using Iranian “mopeds,” but instead it increased social stability and made Ukrainians hate the aggressor even more. However, it appears that there is much more. The enemy planned to march in Kyiv’s Khreshchatyk parade in festive uniform in February, but instead he regularly returns to the place where a Rrssian warship was sent exactly 250 days ago.


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