Improving local governance and analyzing budgetary procedures at the local level in Ukraine, including the effectiveness of community-owned companies

Project goal: more efficient and less corrupt local government system in Ukraine.

Project components:

  • Analysis of corruption risks and gaps in the management of local councils, with special attention to community-owned companies.
  • Development of recommendations and implementation of advocacy campaigns at the local and national levels.
  • Ensuring multi-party and multi-stakeholder dialogue on improving governance systems at the local level.


  • Involve community residents in solving problems in order to make local people more aware of budget problems and budget expenditures in their communities. Emphasis on the importance of personal participation of community members in local decision-making to control local budgets, which are formed at the expense of local taxes paid by community members.
  • Involve network partners and local politicians in communication campaigns and awareness-raising trainings / sessions, providing a multi-party dialogue to improve decision-making.

Project geography: Volyn, Ternopil, Sumy regions (not less than 1 pilot community in each region) Волинська, Тернопільська, Сумська області (не менш ніж 1 пілотна громада в кожній області)

The project is supported by the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The duration of the project is 2021-2022.

Our mission - to subjectivize Ukraine as a leader of the region and a "soft" power, a trendsetter of democratic transformations in the post-Soviet space and in New Europe.