Community Advocates project is aimed at building a strong foundation for networking activities among activists, local politicians, national-level leaders and experts. Areas of action are decentralization, healthcare reforms, protection of environmental rights, striving for fair justice and supervision over controlling and law-enforcement authorities.

In frame of the project the special Help-desk was created and set up a network of partners around Ukraine. The help-desk is serving the network with legal advice and expertise, as well as tracking changes in Parliament and Government decision-making processes. Main goal is to unite people with Revolution of Dignity values and principles in strong network transferring experience, knowledge, information and protect each other against violation of human rights. Moral spirit and resilience of change-makers and reformers must be supported after more than 7 years of struggle and self-sacrifice. Community Advocates project is be such an instrument, making change-makers stronger and united.

The project is implementing with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy.

In frame of the project, we trained more than 500 participants during the seminars for deputies of local councils on the topics: ▪ Powers of deputies and key aspects of the effective work ▪ Budget process issues ▪ Environmental policy ▪ Communication strategies ▪ Culture development & social services in communities ▪ EU support for the reform process in Ukraine 80 deputies in 10 oblasts took part in our initiative "MARATHON WITH CANDIDATE" aimed at supporting worthy regional leaders in 2020 local elections.

We held the series of events:

• Forum "New local self-government: an ambitious agenda for cooperation with the EU“with the participation of members of the European Parliament

• International Discussion "Ukraine - NATO: Vision 2030" with the participation of the President of the NATO PA

• Experience of Lithuania's European integration for Ukraine. Lecture by Andrius Kubilius, Member of the European Parliament

• "Ukraine's European Integration: Breakthrough or Failure?" - Discussion

• “European integration agenda on the eve of the EU-Ukraine Summit” - Press-conference

• “New session of the Parliament of Ukraine. Will important for the state laws be passed?” - Discussion

Our mission - to subjectivize Ukraine as a leader of the region and a "soft" power, a trendsetter of democratic transformations in the post-Soviet space and in New Europe.