A protracted war scenario? The only thing we are interested in is getting more weapons as soon as possible and winning back our own territories!


Russia should be recognized as a state-sponsor of terrorism and blacklisted by the FATF.

Hanna Hopko, head of the ANTS National Interests Advocacy Network, noted this live on NV radio.

“We demand to recognize Russia as a state-sponsor of terrorism. I'll tell you frankly, ever since the MH-17 accident, when russians shot down the plane and 298 passengers died, this idea already stroke us. And after the full-scale invasion, we resumed our advocacy for the recognition of russia as a state-sponsor of terrorism and the recognition of the Wagner Group as a terrorist organization. It should be noted that back in January, the EU took restrictive actions against them, sanctions against family members upon entry, but did not designate them as a terrorist organization because they understood that the question immediately will arise: Who is sponsoring them? And they are sponsored by the russian federation. Therefore, there was no political will to do so,” she said. “So far, there is no political will in the State Department to do so, even though there are already appeals from representatives of Ukraine from civil society addressed to state authorities.”

Hanna Hopko says that during her last visit to Washington, a discussion was held on restrictive measures for russian oligarchs, representatives of the totalitarian regime, who are committing a genocidal war in Ukraine.

“The Americans in the State Department, as I understand it, do not want to designate russia as a state-sponsor of terrorism, so as not to block any opportunities for further negotiations. In view of the fact that other states, in particular those of the Middle East, as opposed to russia, would possibly consider this option. Therefore, they do have reservations about this decision and offer other approaches instead. But knock, and it shall be opened to you. We see the official position of Nancy Pelosi. It would be such an important historical step to make this decision.”

It is also important to recognize as such or blacklist the russian federation by the FATF.

“It is important to do everything at this economic level, one might say, on the second front, so that russia did not have the opportunity to buy weapons for its budget means. It is still 100 billion from energy carriers sales is all you need to know about the effectiveness of the sanctions policy.”

What are the other issues that were discussed?

Nuclear blackmail

Our task was to explain that the threat to use nuclear weapons is blackmail. If russia, as a nuclear state, allows this, then what prevents China, as a nuclear state, from committing some kind of aggressive actions against Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific region and then blackmailing every other state?

And if there is no defending Ukraine now, then in fact the Americans are shooting themselves in the foot. Because how then will it be possible to appeal to the countries that actually want and are working to create a nuclear potential for themselves? And how to stop this blackmailing when there are other states with a nuclear status?

Armament question

It is a crucial issue considering the long protraction with providing weapons and the insufficiency of those. Although we highly appreciate what we have because this support allowed us to keep the defense for all 116 days and even more – 9 years. But! What if some kind of trigger appears, and the processes of chaos and bloodshed begin on the territory of the russian federation? We need to help the US, the EU, and other partners develop a serious strategy regarding russia with different scenarios, which include the scenarios of what happened to the Soviet Union. One of our tasks, while fighting at the front and reclaiming the occupied territories, is to make efforts to fully restore territorial integrity and sovereignty, and to offer our own contribution for the future: what will be the role of Ukraine in changing the future of the aggressor state. As the Secretary of the Head of the Pentagon said: “We must do everything so that russia, the enemy, will never have an opportunity to attack a sovereign state again.”

Global food crisis

A food crisis is looming over, due to the blockade of the Black Sea by the russian federation. At the same time, russian and Chinese media are spreading their propaganda, accusing Ukraine of causing millions of people in North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to suffer from hunger. Therefore, we need to carry out more information campaigns because it is a matter of political support. And blockades and providing the world with food is already a global issue.

Constant world attention to the Ukrainian issue

During this marathon, it is very important to talk more about Ukraine when attention to our issue is starting to fade away. For if there is a scenario of a protracted war, we will need to have financial support for the budget to cover all the costs. And it’s also worth thinking about wintertime and solving all these issues now.

Coalition of Winners

Being a part of it is always very good. And it is the coalition of winners that is to continue to determine the fate of the loser. And here the question is the same in Ukraine. You can hear everywhere that 95% of Ukrainians have no doubts as for our victory, so the authorities, the expert community should already speak with that coalition of winners. And how will we proceed? Like what happened to Nazi Germany, when they went through the tribunal; they paid reparations. Therefore, now one of the questions in Washington was what to do with the frozen assets so that they become confiscated and then could be transferred to Ukraine, perhaps even now. We really need money.

Business virtues

We need to think now about how to rebuild those cities until there is a complete victory. We need to lure American and European businesses. Business needs to feel that they are contributing to the fight against racism, the fight for democracy. That business is also about dignity, and not just all about money! They need to be given the opportunity to feel this privilege: to be authoritative in a business that overcomes the enemy.

Win back the territories and play ahead of the curve

Ukrainians are interested in getting the necessary weapons as soon as possible in order to win back all our territories in the 2nd phase of this war, regain control over the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, and unblock the Black Sea. Because Black Sea security is not only a question of unblocking grain exports. And what to do with the harvest of 2022? And when russia continues its aggressive actions in the autumn, you will see that it will target our state reserves to repeat the Holodomor scenario, and they will also bomb our thermal power stations, all critical infrastructure facilities right on the doorstep of cold snaps. We must predict all actions and play ahead of the curve.

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