Before the full-scale war started by fascist Russia against Ukraine, we launched the TV project CharismaUA, which opened the potential of our state through the success stories of unique Ukrainians. Watch our videos here

We filmed their stories about successful businesses, brilliant victories, told about their creativity and recognition. To show the longevity of Ukraine's charisma as a state that gives birth to leaders in many areas of national and global scale. Because it was in Ukraine that they studied and were educated, became reformers, inventors, managers, artists, entrepreneurs who are developing our country. The war made adjustments. The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has united and hardened us even more. Against the background of the terrible war, the bright faces of caring Ukrainians appear, who are approaching our common victory day by day. We want to continue to talk about the best of us who have acted on a whole front - cultural, diplomatic, volunteer and helping Ukraine to defeat Russia, declaring to the world: "We are, we stand, we will win!" Charisma UA - has a clear and transparent position - condemning the war and helping Ukraine. We want to continue to talk about a nation that has turned the world upside down on how to fight world evil.

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Our mission - to subjectivize Ukraine as a leader of the region and a "soft" power, a trendsetter of democratic transformations in the post-Soviet space and in New Europe.