International Centre for Ukrainian Victory established in Warsaw


In the wake of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the International Centre for Ukrainian Victory was established in Warsaw by representatives of Ukrainian NGOs together with the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. The Center was established in Warsaw, the speakers:

– Hanna Hopko – Chairwoman of Democracy in Action, former head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament, Ukraine;

– Daria Kaleniuk – Executive Director of the Ukrainian ‘Anti-Corruption Action Center’, Ukraine;

– Katarzyna Pisarska – Chairwoman of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation Council, Poland.

International Centre for Ukrainian Victory will be established in Warsaw with the following objectives:
- supporting and coordinating efforts of non-governmental organizations in Ukraine and providing assistance for Ukrainian activists arriving in Poland;
- building international support for Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression;
- supporting relations between the international community and civil society in Ukraine;
- developing and advocating for the agenda of Ukraine’s post-war rebuilding, transformation, and accession to EU and NATO.
The Center will act as an intermediary in providing information on the most urgent needs of Ukrainians in their daily fight.

Co-founder of the Centre Hanna Hopko, former head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Ukrainian Parliament, told that the Polish capital was chosen because of its large Ukrainian community, the incoming refugees, as well as the diplomatic posts and international organizations based here. As she said, firstly it was most important to guarantee ammuniton and fighter planes for the Ukrainian armed forces. She also underlined the necessity to declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine, because - as she said - relief organisations such as the Red Cross were now prevented from carrying humanitarian assistance. "Quite simply they are afraid that they will get killed" she told.

Currently the Centre is looking for volunteers who have a command of English and Ukrainian, and with experience in diplomacy or work in international institutions. More information on the webpages of the Centre or the Pulaski Foundation

+48 601 301 381

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