On 22 March 2022, upon the initiative of the members of the European Parliament, members of national parliaments and members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the cross-party and cross-country international network – UNITED FOR UKRAINE (U4U) was established. The network unites the parliamentarians that are active in supporting the European future for Ukraine, which currently is under
attack by the aggressive Putin’s war.

At the time of writing, the parliamentary network unites more than 150 members from the European Parliament and national parliaments representing 28 countries (EU, USA, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and others) as well as the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The United for Ukraine network will be expanding and will continue its works with the most active parliamentarians in Europe and globally.
The Putin’s war against Ukraine has shocked Europe and the global community. On 24th February 2022, the world changed as Ukraine became the battleground for the global fight against aggression of the despotic Putin’s regime in the EU’s neighbourhood.
Following the Russian invasion into Ukraine, Europe has changed too. The Europeans opened their homes to Ukrainian refugees, the EU and its partners, including NATO countries, have provided unprecedented military, financial, economic and social support to the people of Ukraine. On 24 February, Europe has become a truly geopolitical union.
Today, the vast majority of Europeans are in favour of Ukraine’s EU membership. The war in Europe mobilised the Europeans to accept Ukraine into the family of European Union as soon as possible. The survey conducted by Jean Jaures Foundation and the Yalta European Strategy on 4 – 7 March 2022 is the best illustration of this fact: 69% of Germans and 62% of French people support Ukraine’s membership in the EU.
Today, Ukraine needs assistance and solidarity of Europe and international community more than ever. After the defeat of Putin’s army, Ukraine will be facing the challenge of rebuilding the country. Ukraine will need our assistance in supporting and steering its accession to the EU. Ukraine and Ukrainians will not be left alone in putting Putin personally and his accomplices to international justice for the aggression and war crimes they have committed against the people of Ukraine. This network will be instrumental in promoting justice and democracy in Europe and globally.
The UNITED FOR UKRAINE will work as a forum to meet virtually and in person to exchange the information and ideas to promote Ukraine’s European path and to adopt relevant EU and national policies to help Ukrainian government and Ukrainians to stand against the aggressor – the criminal regime of Putin. We shall tirelessly raise questions of weapon delivery, Western sanctions, future reconstruction of Ukrainian infrastructure and economy, Ukraine’s integration towards the EU, etc. In the months to come it will require a lot of joint political action on EU institutional and EU member state level as well as across the democratic Western world to effectively promote important ideas, actions, and projects, to exchange information, and to engage in broad public lobbying activities in support of Ukraine.
The UNITED FOR UKRAINE network will do all within its power to bring these messages to the leaders of Europe, to the leaders of the Western community, and to the people of the democratic world.

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Наша місія – зробити Україну лідером сучасного світу, розкривши її унікальний потенціал трендсеттера через адвокацію національних інтересів.