We are the children of Ukraine, we are the future of the world! Please, save us!

The children of Ukraine are asking NATO to close the skies over their heads. We appeal to all world leaders and peoples of the entire civilized world! Help Ukraine achieve victory over criminal Russia and gain the long-awaited peace. The video appeal was created by the NGO “ANTS National Advocacy Interests Network”.

“Dear NATO leaders, if you don’t have the will to close the sky, then fly here to Ukraine to protect my sisters by yourself. I’ll give you some stones so you can throw them directly to Russian aviation. Ukrainian people are now protecting their homes, they stop Russian soldiers without any weapon, they aren’t afraid of bullets, but we can’t reach the airplanes, helicopters, we can’t reach ballistic missiles. I am proud of my nation, we are the bravest, but now we are in a big trouble!

I am only nineteen and I already know what the war means, I am experiencing it every single day. Right now, Putin forces attack my house, my cities, they bomb civilians, even little children, people are afraid to sleep, because they will not hear the bombing alarm and will not get to the shelter. Ukrainian women and children are in deep fear, because of bombs and missiles which are coming from the sky. We ask the NATO leaders to close the air and to send peace keeping troops to Ukraine, send military assistance to Ukraine. International community should do everything to protect civilians from dying in the middle of Europe right now.

My name is Ivanko. I am 10 years old. I live near Kyiv were the Russian army is bombing my village. I spent 2 nights in the shelter and I was very scary. I ask leaders of NATO to shut the sky under my country.

Dear Mr Stoltenberg, I am an associated professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and I teach my students that NATO security activities is a key to our wellbeing, that NATO membership is open to any other European states to contribute the security of the world. Ukraine is contributing now! And Ukrainian people ask where is your contribution? If you have no political will to close the sky and not let our children die from the bombing, I have an alternative for you – please come to Kyiv to protect our children.

We, Ukrainians, want the peace in our land, we don’t want to hide in the basements, we don’t want our families to die, we want a peaceful sky and we bag you to help.

Its impossible to describe how hard is to lose someone who you love. My friend from Kharkiv since from tomorrow don’t contact me and I am worrying about him and his family a lot. I ask the worlds leaders to close the sky – you can save lots of Ukrainians lives”.

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Наша місія – зробити Україну лідером сучасного світу, розкривши її унікальний потенціал трендсеттера через адвокацію національних інтересів.